Breaking Down Barriers

August 5, 2016


Entering a new market sector has many challenges, but gaining access to the right test & measurement equipment shouldn’t be one of them.


Identifying new opportunities in existing markets is critical to success and growth for all businesses. If your company operates in a particularly growing market, acting quickly on that market intelligence can also incur a significant return on investment. Even with a commitment made from the end-customer, the expenditure needed in order to deliver on that commitment can be cost prohibitive. Essentially this may end up being a barrier to smaller businesses.


This unfortunate scenario is particularly common in large and challenging markets, where the initial expenditure is significantly higher than most. In the telecommunications industry, the cost of R&D is sharply increasing with every new generation of cellular standard. It isn’t uncommon for telecommunications companies to budget millions of dollars/euros for test & measurement  and validation equipment, only to find that changes in the standard have made the equipment obsolete within a couple of years.

Furthermore, budgets are traditionally fixed at the beginning of a project. While real-world demands are often means adding new features to a product already in development. Accommodating changes in demand from the end-market often requires additional resources, particularly in the test & measurement and validation stages. In today’s technology sectors, the cost of adding the test & measurement equipment needed to accommodate design changes can represent a significant, yet unexpected increase in overall capital expenditure.


While securing the engineering talent needed to deliver the new features wasn’t a major issue, the budget for the test & measurement equipment was. The market push to accelerate the implementation of planned features was compounded by the need to also add several extra features to the product. This meant running a test program on developed features concurrently with new feature development programs, resulting in the need to triple the test infrastructure for functional testing and software release validation testing.


Electro Rent offers companies of different sizes and budgets alternatives in procuring necessary test & measurement equipment. If your development cycle or operating budget changes for any reason, Electro Rent has options to help our clients to get the equipment they need for their projects. In other words, Electro Rent offers customers the flexibility to meet changing T&M requirements on a fixed budget, through rent, lease and buy options. Learn more by clicking here.


-André Vandenberk, Electro Rent Europe

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