Electro Rent Celebrates 10 Years of Delivering Test Equipment Rental Across Europe

June 9, 2016


Electro Rent Europe, a subsidiary of Electro Rent, one of the world’s largest providers of rental test equipment to numerous end-markets, is celebrating 10 years of delivering its winning combination of service and choice throughout Europe. The growth in demand for test equipment rental has matched the company’s growth in the last decade and underlines how pairing in-depth market knowledge with a commitment to maintaining an industry-leading inventory results in shared success for both Electro Rent and its strong, growing customer base.


Electro Rent Europe currently has access to an inventory of test equipment valued at over €550 Million, sourced from more than 200 industry-leading OEMs. Customers range from start-ups and SMEs to large multinational corporations, all of which have evaluated the benefits of renting, rent-purchasing or long-term leasing test equipment.

“More European manufacturers, across more vertical markets, now appreciate the financial and operational benefits of renting or leasing test equipment,” commented David Saeys, Managing Director for Electro Rent Europe. “This is reflected in our commitment to meeting demand generated by market conditions, borne out by our 10 successful years of trading across Europe and 50 years as a corporation.”

With such a wide inventory, Electro Rent services every single end-market in the industrialised world, providing easy and affordable access to practically any variant of test equipment currently in production or in widespread demand. Combined with its award winning customer service — delivered locally through its global network of offices and affiliates — this has enabled Electro Rent to grow its operations in Europe consistently over the last 10 years.

Electro Rent’s world-class product availability and support are further backed up across Europe by its leading-edge infrastructure for web-based asset tracking, supplying everything from general purpose instruments to specialist devices targeting the power industry, digital design and RF & microwave. The quality of over 40,000 instruments available across the world is assured through the company’s ISO 9000 and ANSI accredited calibration laboratory.


About Electro Rent and Electro Rent Europe

Founded in 1965 and with a company revenue of 223€ million in FY2015, Electro Rent (www.electrorent.com) is one of the largest global organisations devoted to the rental, leasing and sales of general purpose electronic test equipment, personal computers and servers. The company has a global network of offices and affiliates covering all continents.

Electro Rent Europe is a subsidiary of Electro Rent and has been serving customers all over Europe since 2005. For more information visit www.electrorent-europe.com. You can also follow and engage with Electro Rent Europe via LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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