Global Leadership with an International Appeal

July 18, 2016



With offices all over the world, it’s easy to see that Electro Rent stands by its ideal of “Global Leadership.” With offices in China, Belgium and the United States (not to mention a litany of global partners), hundreds of men and women work tirelessly to push Electro Rent to the forefront of the test equipment procurement industry.

Paul Pang, the Country Manager of China, knows all too well about Electro Rent’s global mission. In his eleven years with the company, he’s seen the entire industry change almost overnight.

                “Today, we’re one of two test and measurement rental companies in China,” Pang says. “There were many others when I started, but that’s no longer the case.”

The changing Chinese marketplace pushed a lot of smaller companies out of business. Challenges such as having the right equipment available, correctly identifying credit-qualifying customers, and complying with government restrictions had essentially thinned the herd. Though two major companies exist in the area, competition is more heated than ever.

                “The equipment may be the same from company to company,” Pang says. “The difference comes down to our commitment of renting the equipment in the best condition with the speediest response possible. We work with the leading test and measurement equipment manufacturers locally to ensure that our products meet all international standards.”

Almost 5,000 miles away, Electro Rent Europe’s office resides north of Brussels in Mechelen, Belgium. Electro Rent Europe is the designated headquarters, for all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This culturally and linguistically diverse region was presented as a challenge to manager David Saeys, who has, in ten years, turned Electro Rent Europe into the 2nd largest test and measurement rental company in the EMEA region today.

                “First and foremost, what sets us apart is that we are straightforward with our customers,” Saeys says. “We deliver on our promises, and our customers come back to us.”

Saeys and his team realize that they can’t be everywhere at once. His strategy for growing business in the region was assist customers in unique and different ways.

“Compared to the United States, we have a more smaller-scale, smaller-venue customers that are interested in our services. Our responsive inside sales team complement an outside team who reside in the major countries. Every single member of our team speaks two or more languages. Not only do we host technology events in our offices in Belgium and the United Kingdom, but also around the region and often in cooperation with key manufacturers.


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