New addition to the Wireless inventory – Anritsu MT8220T BTS Master

June 9, 2016

The BTS Master MT8220T is Anritsu’s third generation high-performance handheld base station analyzer that has been specifically developed to advance the support for 2G, 3G and 4G wireless networks, as well as CPRI RF measurements. The MT8220T provides 20 MHz bandwidth modulation quality for LTE eNodeB testing and is equipped with a high-contrast, touch screen display and backlit key panel making it simple to use in both bright sunlight and dim conditions.


Cable and Antenna Analyzer Measurements

  • VSWR, Return Loss, Cable Loss, Distance-to-Fault (DTF) Return Loss, DTF VSWR, 1/2-port Phase, 2-port Gain, Smith Chart


Spectrum Analyzer Measurements

  • Field Strength, Occupied Bandwidth, Channel Power, ACPR, AM/FM/SSB Demodulation, C/I, Gated Sweep


Interference Analyzer Measurements

  • Spectrogram, Signal Strength Meter, Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI), Interference Mapping


CPRI RF Measurements

  • RF spectrum and spectrogram measurements on CPRI link
  • Uplink interference analysis
  • Layer 2 alarms
  • Optical power
  • SFP data


Available models: MT8220T
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